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Consistently Unacceptable

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Hey guys, We just found some really good videos of Nick Jonas And The Adminstration in concert. We thought that you guys might enjoy them. Read More

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Shep Smith made to look like the clueless idiot he is. As always, Judge Andrew Napolitano is right on the money. Read More

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Read this and read some of the posts on There is not freedom or respect for women in Islam, no matter what colorful, pretty posters they make.

That Covered Girl - June 29, 7 pm EST Topic: That Covered Girl When: Tuesday, June 29 2010 in sha allah at 7:00 pm EST Who: Sister Kanika Aggarwal and Sister Sarah Mushtaq Please fill out this form to join: and invite your friends and family to attend ! ——— The issue of the Muslim woman's hijab has become a hot topic in our times, so much so that it's discussed in every media outlet, and is the subject of governmental laws and controversies. Even before it b … Read More

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I used to have a dream. That dream was to see Paul McCartney in concert someday. Now I couldn’t care less about that dream and I’m embarrassed that I ever had that dream! The Beatles had some great songs and I still like listening to them, but I am fed up with Paul McCartney.

First there was his comment about George Bush not knowing what a library was at a concert honoring him that took place at the Library of Congress. I don’t mind him having his opinions or thinking that Bush is stupid, but that was just the wrong place and time for something like that. You would think someone with that much experience as a performer would have a little more class.

Then, more recently, McCartney compares global warming skeptics to holocaust deniers. No, Paul McCartney, there is no comparison. He even claims that it could sometimes take something like an oil spill to get people to believe in global warming. It’s the same thing Obama did. The two are entirely unrelated. Yes, an oil spill is a very bad thing and yes, it does show the need for alternative energy sources, but an oil spill does not prove global warming. It proves that bad things happen when oil spills into the water like we’re seeing now in the Gulf of Mexico! If you’re going to basically call me an idiot for not believing in global warming at least back up your view with something a little more intelligent than, “Look! There’s oil in the water!”


Jeb Bush to Obama: Give it a Rest Apparently we aren't the only one's who are sick of hearing President Obama STILL blaming George Bush for everything. So sayeth the Bush who should have been President, Jeb… “It’s kind of like a kid coming to school saying, ‘The dog ate my homework,’ ” Mr. Bush, this state’s former governor, said over lunch last week at the Biltmore Hotel. “It’s childish. This is what children do until they mature. They don’t accept responsibility.” In fact, in … Read More


What's worse – Tony Hayward and his sailing or the president and his Lip Service Leadership? With the oil spill far from under control, the sailing photos have sparked outrage — including from within the Obama White House. Meanwhile, President Obama played golf yesterday, prompting some Republicans to question the president's own leisure time. BP defended Hayward's day off, just as the White H … Read More

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Rahm Emanuel recently criticized BP for poor PR when the BP CEO went for a little yacht ride. I agree that that does look pretty bad when we are dealing with this kind of crisis, but why the hell is ANYONE in this administration in a position to criticize BP for a yacht trip when they’ve been partying and playing golf as if there is no national crisis at hand? Just look at the things I listed in my blog post “Obama’s Parties”, which lists all of Obama’s celebrations since this crisis began. He’s also played numerous golf games. I don’t mind the President playing golf and having parties, but at a time like this it is just inappropriate. Not only is it obvious that he does not have any type of plan to resolve this situation, but it seems as if he doesn’t even care. All of these parties and golf games wouldn’t be such a priority if solving the oil spill crisis was a priority. And I think it’s much worse PR that the President will party and play golf during this crisis while his administration will criticize BP for a yacht ride.


Back on April 8th, the sword predicted that the marxist administration would respond to states' challenges of the nationalization of healthcare by labeling the mandatory requirement to buy health insurance as a "TAX" because the Federal government won that battle a long time ago. Here is the post: Propaganda Alert: Watch Democrats Call Healthcare Penalty a “Tax” April 8, 2010 by sasoc Let’s all have fun keeping a tally of how often the Liberal Me … Read More

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