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Yes, Obama is still convinced that he is our savior. See the arrogance for yourself in this article from AP.

His policies got us out of this mess? This President really does think Americans are stupid!

First of all a lot of our problems have actually become worse. Our deficit is bigger under Barack Obama. Our unemployment is worse under Barack Obama. Partisanship is worse under Barack Obama. Lack of accountability and transparency is worse under Barack Obama. Spending is worse under Barack Obama. Barack Obama has accomplished a lot since taking office, but what has actually improved under him? The deficit and the spending are out of control. That was bad enough under Bush, but when Obama took office spending sped up and hasn’t seemed to slow down much since. We didn’t suddenly get a bunch of extra money to spend once Obama took office. He just started spending money we didn’t have. Or since he’s referring to the previous administration when he talks about the mess, maybe I should say that he has “continued” spending money we don’t have. And now he wants to take credit for solving all of our problems. What mess did Obama clean up? I must have missed something.

Second, how many of Obama’s policies are different from Bush’s? Hm, let’s see… Bush passes a stimulus, Obama passes a stimulus. Bush sends troops to war, Obama sends troops to war. Bush uses tactics like rendition and prolonged detention, Obama uses tactics like rendition and prolonged detention. Well, I guess there are a few differences. Bush decides to give up playing golf during his presidency, Obama decides to continue golfing whenever the hell he feels like it no matter how many catastrophes the nation is facing. Bush respects different opinions, Obama whines. Bush takes responsibility for his actions, Obama blames some retired guy on some ranch somewhere for all his problems.

The fact is that we still have a big mess and Obama has not turned it around. His stimulus bill was passed over a year and a half ago and we’re still waiting for that 8% unemployment we were promised. We never even got that and he is bragging about fixing the mess and solving our problems. Our problems are not solved and many policies are still the same. President Obama is not our savior.


CBS is reporting that oil rig inspections were not carried out as often as they should have beenĀ  and that faults were overlooked:

Notice the dates. These missed or failed inspections took place under the Bush administration. The article does mention 2009, but most of the inspections and incidents discussed took place under George Bush.

This doesn’t mean that Obama has no responsibilities here. And I am tired of hearing everyone blame Bush instead of holding Obama responsible for his poor reaction to this crisis. Barack Obama is the President right now and he needs to start being a much better leader than he has been. However, if I found out that inspections had not been properly carried out under the Obama administration I would be furious and I would hold him accountable. Therefore, the Bush administration is not entirely off the hook here. These failed and missed inspections took place on his watch and that is something that he actually can be blamed for. Bush is not responsible, as the Democrats would have us believe, for Obama’s poor response, but he is responsible for his own administration. And his own administration was not responsible enough on oil rig inspections.