I have had enough with racist comments after Helen Thomas. The comments did not invoke nearly as much outrage as they deserved, she was able to retire instead of being fired, and it took too long afterwards for her to retire. Now Rep. Weiner is making comments about people with British accents. He said that anyone from BP with a british accent is lying.


There’s nothing wrong with him accusing British Petroleum of lying when they have released inaccurate numbers, but was it really necessary to add “with a British accent”? The comment is obviously not nearly as bad as Helen’s comments, but I’m sick of this kind of talk being tolerated! I am especially tired of these kind of comments being tolerated by the liberal left who claims to be so much more compassionate and caring than those on the right. Why is kind of intolerance and racism accepted on either side of the aisle? Republican or Democrat, left or right, this kind of talk is unacceptable! And I don’t care how compassionate and tolerant someone claims to be. If they would not condemn these comments they are tolerant of racism and bigotry, and that is not the kind of ‘tolerance’ I can accept.