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I never liked Bill Clinton. I always knew he was someone who didn’t have morals, so when he says something hateful or wrong it’s not surprising. It’s just Bill. This has to be the worst I’ve heard from him.

These Democrats are such frauds. They claim to be the ones who care and are compassionate. They claim to be the ones who want to make life better for the minorities and stand up for the minorities. No one who truly believed in those principles would dismiss Byrd’s role in the KKK. No one with morals would dismiss Byrd’s role in the KKK. And no moral person would dismiss an association with the KKK because someone was trying to get elected. Bill is wrong. He did not spend the rest of his life trying to make it up. Did he later denounce and apologize for his association with the KKK? Yes he did, but he also voted against Civil Rights after he was elected. He was FORTY SEVEN years old. It was not a youthful indiscretion and he did not make up for his association with the KKK by voting against civil rights.

Maybe Byrd’s regrets later on in life were sincere. I don’t know, but no apologies change the past. And trying to get elected is no excuse for racism from anyone on either side of the aisle, including former Presidents who no longer have a political future and are desperately trying attract as much attention as possible so they still feel important. Racism is not excused by any political agenda and it is humiliating that a man who was once President does not know this. The dirt on the bottom of my shoe has a stronger moral compass than former President Bill Clinton.


I have had enough with racist comments after Helen Thomas. The comments did not invoke nearly as much outrage as they deserved, she was able to retire instead of being fired, and it took too long afterwards for her to retire. Now Rep. Weiner is making comments about people with British accents. He said that anyone from BP with a british accent is lying.


There’s nothing wrong with him accusing British Petroleum of lying when they have released inaccurate numbers, but was it really necessary to add “with a British accent”? The comment is obviously not nearly as bad as Helen’s comments, but I’m sick of this kind of talk being tolerated! I am especially tired of these kind of comments being tolerated by the liberal left who claims to be so much more compassionate and caring than those on the right. Why is kind of intolerance and racism accepted on either side of the aisle? Republican or Democrat, left or right, this kind of talk is unacceptable! And I don’t care how compassionate and tolerant someone claims to be. If they would not condemn these comments they are tolerant of racism and bigotry, and that is not the kind of ‘tolerance’ I can accept.