Rue McLanahn passed away recently. As a tribute, and a big fan of the Golden Girls, I wanted to share some of my favorite Golden Girl quotes.

Blanche: I think you owe me an explanation.

Dorothy:Well, Ted and I-

Blanche:I don’t need to stand here and listen to this!


hair stylist:Who’s hair do I wash first?

Blanche:Mine. I’m first. I’m the dirtiest.


Blanche:Now honestly, do you think I’m competent at what I do?

Rose:Based on the sounds from your bedrooms I’d bet your damn near spectacular!


Blanche:And there were thirteen little girls up there…and then the curtain opened and the music started and twelve little girls started to dance. And one little girl wet her pants. That girl in the puddle was me.


Blanche:Terrific little figure, gorgeous hair, perfect skin. Just like looking in a mirror!

Sophia:Get some windex!


Rose:I don’t believe it.

Blanche:Neither do I. Landing herself a doctor and she still wants to finish college!

I think this show is hilarious and I love watching it. It also has a lot of touching moments, like the episode where Blanche dreams that her husband came back. That was a beautiful episode. Anyone else have some favorite Golden Girls moments or quotes?