I am so tired of hearing the latest about how the President is “getting tough” on the oil spill, on the Republicans, or on Iran. The libs love talking about how tough Obama is on Iran. Funny, every time I hear him say that he’s getting tough on Iran it’s usually followed with reassurance that Iran can still come to the table to have a discussion if they want to. For months and months Obama hasn’t been able to pick up that Iran’s President does not want to be his friend. Mahmoud could literally spit in his face and Obama would probably still mumble something about getting together for talks! After more than a year of this pathetic pandering I couldn’t help rolling my eyes when I visited the White House blog and saw this post with the title “The Toughest Sanctions Ever Faced by the Iranian Government”.


Don’t get me wrong on this. I think these sanctions are good, but why the hell did they take so long? After all the time Obama’s spent talking about how tough he is on Iran it’s not until now that we actually have these sanctions. Did he really think his “We’re gonna have to get tough, but we’re still open to talks” act was going to get their attention? Maybe he did and maybe he didn’t. I don’t know. I think there is a lot about this President that I will simply never understand.

Anyway, as I scrolled through his comments on the matter one sentence stood out to me:

“And while Iran’s leaders hide behind outlandish rhetoric, their actions have been deeply troubling”

When I read this sentence I was not thinking about Mahmoud. I was thinking about President Obama. I’m a Tea Party activist, so it’s really no secret that I find many, if not all, of his actions to be deeply troubling. And I have had more than I can take of his ‘outlandish rhetoric’. His rhetoric about jobs, about the Tea Party, about Wall Street, about Obamacare, all of it! There’s hardly any substance to it and when there is it’s not the kind of substance you want in a speech from the President of the United States. I get so fed up with it that I sometimes wish I couldn’t recognize the rhetoric so that it wouldn’t irritate me so much. It is truly sad that when the President of the US uses this sentence to describe the President of Iran I am reminded of Barack Obama, his rhetoric, and his deeply troubling actions.

It’s good that the UN is finally supporting these sanctions and “getting tough” on Iran. If it were only up to Barack Obama it probably never would have happened.